The network matters. The network infrastructure is the lifeblood of eBusiness.

"Federal, state and local law enforcement protect our bridges, railways and streets and provide for our own personal protection...Our critical infrastructure, of the cyber kind, must have the same level of protection if we are to be secure as a nation, from random hacker intrusions, malicious viruses or worse--serious cyberterrorism." ( Adam Putnam, R-Fla)

How will you keep your business up and running during uncertain times? How much would an hour of downtime cost your business? These are the questions that business leaders must be prepared to answer in a marketplace that demands service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Companies increasingly rely on the Internet for their critical business operations. Security breaches and network outages translate into lost opportunities and compromised profitability. Meanwhile, the threats and challenges facing business become more demanding and complex every day.

Vizion Technologies also specializes in developing reliable, secure and cost-effective information networks. As an independent party with no hardware or software product bias, we can design and implement the best network to meet our customers' needs by selecting from all available options.

    Antivirus systems
    IDS systems and monitoring
    Backup and Recovery Solutions
    Off- site Cold/Warm/Hot location
    Switches, VLANs
    Routers, ACL
    Remote monitoring
    Security Help-Desk

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