Viziontech’s 2-day, on-site Security Posture Review can help you make your Internet security “rock solid”. Our Security Experts can help uncover vulnerabilities within your network perimeter, review your security policies and procedures, and provide practical, remedial and forward-looking recommendations.

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Viziontech’s Security Posture Review

Viziontech’s Security Posture Review is a 2-day on-site review and analysis of an organization’s Internet security policies, procedures, and network infrastructure by an experienced Viziontech Security Consultant. It includes a vulnerability scan of your network perimeter, written summary and presentation of findings and scan results, and a roadmap to facilitate improvements. The goal of a Vizion Technologies Security Posture Review is to help an organization in eliminating its security vulnerabilities and greatly decrease its overall network security risk. Protect your business - don’t be susceptible to the increasing number of Internet attacks and cyber terrorism.

The Security Posture Review agenda includes:

Off-Site: Preparatory Work. Kick-off conference call with a Viziontech's eServices Security Consultant, followed by a vulnerability scan of your network perimeter (up to 100 Internet accessible devices). On-Site Day One: Data Collection. Usually includes a network infrastructure and architecture review, firewall policy review, Internet router ACL review, public server integrity analysis, and security personnel interviews. On-Site Day Two: Recommendations Preparation and Presentation. A Viziontech’s security expert (CISSP certified) will analyze the raw data collected from the preparatory work and day one data collection to identify and document network security risks and/or vulnerabilities discovered, and provide remedial recommendations.

Assessment sections
    Security Policy Review
    Network Infrastructure Review
    Interviews with IT personnel
    Network Security Overview & Testing
    Physical Security Review


    Vulnerability scan results
    Security report of findings and recommendations
    Roundtable PowerPoint presentation with Q&A session

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